Monday, December 18, 2006

Rape of Genius


"I've been raped!" she screams.Dumbfounded by her own remark she chokes on her own words.Where did that come from?

....She stresses.

Free from her body now...She's looking down.A birds-eye-view.From the heavens she can observe a world she had previously not known how to challenge. This new perspective will give her the gift of spiritual autonomy.From fight to flight she screams as she flys.She tilts her head...Funny thing...she is curious.She stops screaming.Her eyes are still and she's left breathless from what she sees.Looking down now, how could she not have known this before?
What an insight this birds-eye-view has brought forth! What she discovers is that She is not alone in what she screams.

All of Our minds have been violated countless times by educational systems that too closley reflect our prison systems. Our potential is stripped and confined to a space despicable. And we all scream in defense.To draw context read on...for an Example people read on...Every time I roll my eyes from frustration I SCREAM.Every time they send you out the classroom for not "following directions" YOU SCREAM. Every time "educational phrases of accountability" are forced down our throats we are raped and in our own way WE SCREAM. Too many times Our minds have been attacked by silent forms of plunder.

Anti-racists continually agree that overt racism is an easier enemy to battle then passive racism. To fight passive racism one must do their research, be just as sly in their tactics as their silent opposition. To fight our 'phycological rapist' we must first identify the variables that makeup the roots of its existence.
We identify. We study. We expose. We attack. We dismantle. And we form our own educational system that is not based on "discipline", but on the release of genius. One that is based on the freedom of our inalienable potential, that if for once is given the chance to be natural, will surpass any of our imagined expectations.